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Congratulations to the New Members of Fall 2018

Aric Burkett
Ben Blowers
Ben Bostic
Brooks Bodin
Jackson Shasteen
Owen Morgan
Preston George
Trevor Henderson
Trevor Hutchinson
Will Barton

RUSH Events F2018


Scholastic Importance

Our organization requires a minimum GPA of a 2.3 to be eligible for the new member period and this GPA must be maintained throughout the brother's college career.  

Scholarship is one of the principles on which our organization was founded.  Also, receiving an education and earning a college degree is any college students' main focus and we recognize that here at the Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma. During the new member process, candidates are required to complete at least ten study hours per week which is checked by our Scholarship Chairman. Being required to complete these study hours during the new member process helps to install a healthy study habit in our members, this will benefit the brother as he continues his academic career.

If any brother falls behind in his grades or drops below the 2.3 mark we DO NOT abandon him. The brother is encouraged to meet with our Scholarship Chariman to help him with a certain class he might be having trouble with or to find a solution to the reason his grades have slipped. We are a brotherhood and we hold each other accountable in our schooling, our actions, and our choices.



Do you want to

be Ag Sig?

Send us your contact info:

If you think you might be interested in Tennessee Tech Greek Life,

please fill out the potential new member form here.

Completing this form does not require you to join a fraternity,

but instead allows the Greek Life office to check your grades and information for eligibility to join Greek Life on campus. 

Why Go Greek?

College Graduation rates are 20% higher among Greeks than non-Greeks

Join a family of over 9 million national Greek members.

At TN Tech:

78% of Greeks are involved in two or more organizations in addition to their chapter

For more information about TN Tech Greek Life Click Here

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